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Auxiliary – see Guard

Band banquet – The annual end-of-the-year banquet for band students and their families. This event is typically held in May and the ticket prices range from $30–$35 per person.

Band camp – two weeks of intense daily (Monday – Friday) marching band practice. Check out our Band Camp page for more information.

Band Boosters – see Boosters

Band Captain – The Band Captain is a student leader position who occupies a seat on the Leadership Council. Band Captain is considered the top position within the band.

Band Librarian – Student leadership position responsible for filing, copying and passing out music, and cleaning the library.

Band Quartermaster – The Band Quartermaster is a student leadership position responsible for maintaining the order of instruments, band and percussion rooms, and loading equipment onto trailers for competitions and away performances.

Band Sergeant – The Band Sergeant occupies a seat on the Leadership Council, and is responsible for assisting the Drum Major, Band Captain, and section leaders in the marching band.

Band Uniform Chair – Student leadership position responsible for helping pass out uniforms and getting them returned to their proper place. 

Bandgram – message sent to a band student, section, or instructor. Band grams are typically offered by the hosting band at competitions. Messages are announced before and after the band’s performance.

Battery – Marching band percussion section that carries drums and marches; is comprised of snare drums, bass drums, and quads (see Quads).

Bibbers – Marching band pants and part of the standard uniform; provided by the band and school property.

Black socks – part of the standard marching band uniform. It’s essential that students do not have white socks or skin showing between their black pants and black shoes. Marching students are responsible for supplying their own long black socks.

Blue barrel – In Mr. Black's office, just after walking through the door is a blue barrel. The blue barrel has a slot for payments. The barrel is secured with a padlock and can only be opened by the Booster treasurers. Fair share payments can be placed in this barrel. Please remember to put fair share payments in an envelope with your name on it. Don't have an envelope? Ms. Bert will provide one for you. 

Boosters – Parents / guardians of band students. The Boosters assist to support the band programs at East Lake High School. Check out our Booster page for more information.

Caption awards – awards a marching band can win at competitions, such as “Best Music” and “Best Percussion”

Chaperones – parents who accompany students at various events. Chaperones are needed for competitions, football games (home and away), car washes, and more. Pinellas County Schools (PCS) require one chaperone for every ten students. Per PCS guidelines, you must be a registered volunteer to chaperone. Refer to our volunteering page for more information.

Class – Bands are placed into classes by FMBC according to the number of students on the field. There are 5 band classes with FMBC: Class 1A (1-45); Class 2A (46-69); Class 3A (70-99); Class 4A (100-145); and Class 5A (146+).

Classic – the annual competition hosted by the East Lake Band Boosters; check out our Classic page for more information.

Color guard – see Guard

Competitions – Saturday events involving area marching bands performing and competing. Bands generally compete against other bands in their “class”. Competitions are all day events for band members. Friends and family members are encouraged to attend to watch the East Lake Silver Sound and other area bands performances. (Adult ticket prices range from $15–$20). Many parents wear their show shirt to competitions.

DCIDrum Corps International. DCI is a group of various professional-level bands, including Color Guards, made up of college age students that perform and compete nationally each summer.

District 9 – FBA district for Pinellas County Florida.

Drill – the steps and positions that make up the marching band show

Drill book – the notebook or cards that holds each individual student’s drill for the marching band show

Drum major – Student conductor(s) who direct the marching band as it plays. The Drum Major is considered a top officer position, occupying a seat on the Leadership Council.

Drumline – the entire percussion section of the marching band; includes both the front ensemble and the battery

East Lake Classic – see Classic


Fair Share – The money each student is asked to raise or pay to offset band operating costs. Check out our Fair Share page for more information.

Flags – used by the guard during a marching band show

FBAFlorida Bandmasters Association


Flip folders – flip folders are held by lyres that clip onto the instruments

FMBCFlorida Marching Band Championships

Front Ensemble – marching band percussion section that does not march, comprised of instruments such as marimbas, violins, guitars, tympani, xylophones, gongs, etc.

Gauntlets – wrist and lower-arm covering part of marching band uniform; provided by the band and school property

Gloves (Guard) – Gloves worn by guard members to protect hands when catching flags, rifles, and sabers. Each guard member purchases his/her own gloves. (Refer to Band Required Clothing / Spirit Wear Order Form)

Gloves (Marching) – Gloves worn by marching band members who play a wind instrument; type of glove varies by section. Each woodwind and brass student purchases his/her own gloves. (Refer to Band Required Clothing / Spirit Wear Order Form)

Guard – The group of students who provide visual interest to the show through the use of costumes, dancing, flags, rifles, sabers, and props.

High Brass – band section comprised of the trumpet, mellophone and french horn.

Ice Breaker – An annual event held each spring for 8th graders and their family to learn more about the East Lake Silver Sound. 

Instructor – personnel hired by the Boosters to assist with various sections of the band. Some instructors are employed for marching season and others are for the entire school year.

Leadership – The students responsible for the band. Leadership roles include drum major, band captain, guard captains, band sergeant, section leaders, quartermaster, librarian, and uniform chair. Click here for the list of leadership positions and their responsibilities. 

Leadership Council – The leadership council is the band's senior leadership and includes the drum major, band captain, guard captain(s), and band sergeants. 

Low Brass – band section comprised of trombone, baritone, euphonium, sousaphone, tuba

Lyre – a marching lyre is attached to the instrument to hold the player's music. The type of lyre is specific to your instrument. 

Marching season – the part of the school year when marching band is rehearsing, participating in competitions, and playing at football game. Marching season begins with band camp in July and ends in November.

MPA – Music Performance Assessment. MPAs “provide opportunities for students and directors to perform in an environment which provides critical evaluation of its performance by noted experts in the field of band performance.” Students and groups who perform at a superior level are eligible to continue to the state level MPAs.

Paperwork – The completed PCS paperwork required for participation in the band program. Check out or Forms page for more information.


PCSPinellas County Schools

Pit – see Front Ensemble

Plumes – the feathered portion of the marching band hats (very fragile); provided by the band and school property

Podium – The large folding platform that the drum major(s) stands on to conduct the band.

Props – used to add visual interest to the show; volunteers are needed to help build show props each year

Quads – set of 4 connected drums carried by member of the battery.

Regionals – the competition that determines which marching bands will compete in the state finals

Rifles – wood rifles used by the color guard in a marching band or winter guard show

Run through – practicing the marching band show

Sabers – swords used by the color guard in a marching band or winter guard show

Sections/Sectionals – The band is made up of sections by instrument. The day to day direction for most band activities will come from the section leaders and students will frequently warm-up or rehearse with their just section (Sectionals). When a student is unsure about anything, the first call or text should always be to his/her section leader.

Section leader – band student who is in charge of a marching band section; section leaders include upper woodwinds, saxophones, high brass, low brass, battery, and front ensemble

Setup crew – volunteers who assist the students getting the props and instruments onto the field and set them up for competition

Shadow – Middle school students who are interested in attending East Lake High School's engineering program may shadow an ELHS student. If you are also interested in participating in the band program, contact Mr. Black so we can arrange for you to shadow a band engineering student.

Shako – marching band hat; provided by the band and school property

Shoes (Guard) – Shoes worn by guard members. Each guard member purchases his/her own shoes. (Refer to Band Required Clothing / Spirit Wear Order Form)

Shoes (Marching) – Shoes worn by all marching band members. Each marching student purchases his/her own shoes. (Refer to Band Required Clothing / Spirit Wear Order Form)

Show – The performance piece that the marching band starts learning at band camp and performs and refines throughout the marching season. Each year’s show has a specific name and a specific theme, with music and choreography chosen to reflect that theme.

Show shirt – Each student receives a t-shirt each year with the show name, the year, and related artwork on it. Most parents elect to order a shirt for themselves to wear to the competitions and other band events.


Sign Up Genius – software used to sign up to volunteer for various band activities and events

State – competition for state championship 

Teaching Intern – college student who works directly with the band director and students for a semester as part of their college coursework

Trailer – band trailer that holds marching band uniforms and large instruments; students who are members of the loading crew load and unload the trailer before and after away events

Tri-M Music Honor Society – A program of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). Tri-M is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements and to provide leadership and service opportunities to young musicians.[Source: Wikipedia] The East Lake High School Tri-M chapter was chartered in 2013. To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain an A average in their music classes, a C average in all of their academic courses, be presently enrolled in a music course, and be recommended for membership by a music faculty member. 

Winds – non-percussion part of the band; any instrument that is played by blowing air

Winter Guard – Guard without the marching band. Winter guard season is December through March with competitions typically in February and March. Winter guard is for all students, not just those who were part of guard during marching season. Winter guard has a separate fair share.

Woodwinds – band section comprised of  piccolo, flutes, oboe, bassoon, clarinets and saxophones

2018 FMBC at Countryside High School
2018 FMBC at Countryside High School
2018 MPAs at Dunedin High School
Catus, Go West, East Lake Silver sound, marching band, Tarpon Springs
Shako, clarinet, music, East Lake Silver Sound, Tarpon Springs
2020 MLK Day Parade, Tarpon Springs, Flo
2019 Tarpon Springs football game
2019 Tarpon Springs football game
2020 MLK Day Parade, Tarpon Spring, FL
2018 FMBC at Countryside High School
2018 FMBC at Countryside High School
2018 FMBC at Countryside High Scool
Silver Sound Drum Major's shako
East Lake Silver Sound shakos
2019 East ake High School Homecoming
2018 FMBC at Countryside High School
2018 MPAs at Dunedin High School, front ensemble member
2019 East Lake High School Homecoming with Dr. T. and Dr. Albert
Blue Barrel
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