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What is fair share?

The ELHS band program receives minimal financial support from the school district to underwrite the cost of the ELHS band programs. The band booster’s budget is distributed among all band students. However, depending on the band program, fair-share contributions vary.

The Band Boosters volunteer tirelessly to operate the concession stand, host the Classic, obtain sponsorships, etc. to minimize student contributions; however, these fundraising efforts are not sufficient to completely cover our operational expenses (uniform repair, instrument maintenance and repair, sheet music, competition registration fees, specialists, non-PCSB instructors, transportation to and from events, etc.). The ELHS marching band student's fair-share amount for he 2024-2025 year is $600. 

Winter guard fair share varies depending on competition schedule and number of students participating. The goal of winter guard fair share is to cover the cost of the program (competition registration fees, costume fees, and instructor salaries). 

Pay by Check

Blue barrel

Place in an envelope in the blue barrel in Mr. Black's office

Mail to 

East Lake Band Boosters

36181 East Lake Rd

Box 192

Palm Harbor  FL  34685

On all payments, please include the student's name.

When is my fair share due?

Marching Band 

Fair share is due as soon as possible during band camp. Statements are sent monthly in August if there is a balance. 

Field Band 

Field band students have a fair-share of only $60. Field band fair share is due by the end of September.

Winter Guard

Winter Guard member fair share is due by January 31 during the WG season. 

Our family is experiencing financial difficulties, what are our options?

If your family is experiencing difficulty paying your fair share, please contact Mr. Black within the first four weeks of school. There are resources that we can utilize to assist those in need, but we must have direct contact in order to assist you.

How do I pay fair share?

We offer the following methods to pay your fair share. When making any payment, please include the student's name.


a) Place in blue barrel in Mr. Black’s office. (Only available when the band room is open.)


b) Mail to East Lake Band Boosters:
36181 East Lake Rd, Box 192, Palm Harbor FL 34685



  1. Sign in to your personal account at and then click the “Send Money” tab.

  2. Enter the email as the one you are sending your money to as: and enter amount of payment.

  3. Click on the “Personal” tab, rather than the “Purchase” tab.

  4. Select “Payment Owed”

  5. After you select “continue”, please scroll down to the “Message” box and type what your payment is for (i.e. Johnny Smith’s Fair Share contribution).


By using your own account and that “personal” tab, we save 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction. While it doesn’t seem like a lot but when we have large payments coming in, it adds up quickly (On a $500 payment we save $11.30). Every penny saved helps to pay for band expenses that benefit our students.

Fair Share Cost Too Much?

We have many ways a family can cover their Fair Share.  You can reduce the cost of your Fair Share by securing Sponsorships.  If your Fair Share is a challenge, email for a confidential discussion.

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